Production of fruit ripples


We offer a wide range of fruit components for the dairy industry (with varying degrees of fragmentation of the fruit) with cereals and non-fruit one of oriental flavours of coffee, vanilla, coconut and almond. Our employees are open to new ideas, serving his knowledge and experience, blends innovative new flavours together with our customers that contribute to market success.

We offer fruit ripples:
– to yoghurt with large pieces of fruit
– to yogurt with cereals
– to drinking yoghurt
– to breakfast yogurt with muesli, and delicacies
– to the so-called economic yogurt
– to homogenized cheese
– to yogurt with fruit mousse
– to yogurt with fruit mousse
– to buttermilk
Fruit preparations are supplied in stainless steel containers under nitrogen pressure of 200 kg -900 kg



BAKOMA-BIS Sp. z o.o.

Janików, 26-900 Kozienice, Polska
tel. (48) 614 26 36
fax.(48) 614 26 76

About us

As a company with a long tradition for over 20 years we improve and enlarge our product range, offering our customers the highest quality fruit preparations for the dairy industry, frozen fruits and vegetables, mousses, but also groats, rice and delicacies. Strawberries, cherries, apples sourced from local farmers, allow us to create valuable products of excellent quality.

BAKOMA-BIS – Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone, wdrożenie

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